Hitachi (Demolition) Excavator ZX470LCH-3

Hitachi (Demolition) Excavator ZX470LCH-3

demolition front 24m zx470
Demolition front 24m for ZX470


The demolition front can still be purchased.
Pictures and info here: ZX470 24m demolition front



Excavator or Demolition Excavator (24m)


    • 900mm pads;
    • Pressurized  cabine with a/c;
    • Automatic greasing;
    • Water tank + water spray system;
    • Additional counter weight;
    • Mono boom with medium stick with;
    • Hammer/ clambshell/ rotation hydraulics and Quick coupler.

Any attachments are not included.

This Hitachi has been working and has been serviced in The Netherlands, all its life. It has CE.

Clean engine complies with the emission regulations US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III A.
Low noise design complies with the EU noise regulation 2000 / 14 / EC, STAGE II.
More info on the specifications in the catalogue here: Hitachi ZX470LCH-3 Catalogue

See it working as demolition excavator here:

Equipped as standard hydraulic excavator here: