Service, repairs and updates are carried out, by well trained and experienced mechanics, with genuine OEM parts where required.

Most of our machines will be inspected by MEVAS;  a German inspection company, that has no ties with PRIMA Equipment. It is a worldwide respected independent inspection company.  If a report is available, it is attached to the listed machine.

Without the correct tool, a machine is worthless. Bucket, grapple, hammer or crusher, we are happy to offer it to you (in the Netherlands). We choose the best brands. New or used. We are dealer of DAEMO, Kinshover and Zijtveld, but offer also other brands.

With short lines to OEM parts of brands imported by Van der Spek, we repair mainly with original parts. You profit from our pricing, lead times and quality of these and parts of other aftermarket or OEM brands, if you buy from PRIMA.

Next to the machines we trade in with new sales, we would also like to sell your machinery. Please offer your equipment to us.

Als onderdeel van Van der Spek-Vianen B.V. -machine importeur van verschillende merken-, verkoopt PRIMA met name gebruikte machines van Nederlandse bodem. Onderhoudsgeschiedenis en gebruik zijn vaak bekend. Expertise is eenvoudig toegankelijk.

Next trade-inns, we would also like to sell you machines. Please offer them to us.

Used Equipment

As part Van der Spek-Vianen  B.V. -importer for several brands-, PRIMA mainly supplies machines from Netherlands. Most of the times, service history and use, is available. Expertise is easily accessible.