As quality used equipment dealer, we provide a selection of machines with limited warranty.

In general, these are the machines with 4000 hours or less and younger than 4 years. In our listings, these machines are marked on a photo, with our PRIMA WARRANTY seal.

In short, the description for the warranty in the relevant listings is:
As Is, 300hrs/3mo EXW on powertrain

Warranty explained:

  • As Is: The condition of the machine as it is, at the time of inspection and/or purchase. That what is already broken, is not part of the warranty;
  • 300hrs/3mo: The validity term of the warranty is maximum 300 engine hours, or 12 weeks; whatever expires first;
  • EXW: The start of the warranty term, is the moment the machine leaves our yard;
  • Powertrain: The warranty includes the engine, transmission, differentials, final drives and hydraulic pumps, but excludes the drive shafts, fuel system and wear parts like under carriage and tires.
We only warrant machines/ brands that are imported by Van der Spek-Vianen B.V.: www.vanderspek.nl