EX-A export document

If you export outside of the European Union, you or your transporter are responsible for obtaining an EX-A document. An EX-A document is an export document that is required for a consignment that has been produced within the EU (or cleared in the EU) and that leaves the territory of the European Union. There are […]

Caterpillar 740 MEGA MAC8 Watertanker

CATERPILLAR 740 MEGA ARTICULATED TRUCK TANK TRUCK Caterpillar 740, PIN CAT00740CB1P05187, YOM 2010, Total running/ machine hours 2,190, CE certified. TANK MEGA MAC8EU, SERIAL NUMBER 10.60180, YOM 2010, 8,000gal, 30,000ltr, CE certified. Transport ± : Lenght 11,800mm, Height 4,700mm, Width3,500mm, Weight 38,400kg https://primaequipment.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Caterpillar-740-with-MEGA-MAC8EU-30000ltr_8000gal.mp4 Photogallery After MEGA MAC8EU Caterpillar 740 Before Details https://primaequipment.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/watertanker-before-new-paint-workshop.mp4https://primaequipment.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/watertanker-at-work-before-workshop.mp4 watertank, tankwagen, sproeiwagen, waterbowser, watertanker

How to fill out a CMR (International Consignment Note)

The driver is obliged to present a transport document The responsibility for taking care of the CMR lies with the client of the transport; the sender/consigner. Usually the client/sender is not able, in the case of an EXW delivery, to get a CMR at the loading address. Then the carrier will have to do this […]